Our Partner: BHM

Burma Humanitarian Mission is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower migrant and refugee communities by advocating for a healthy, democratic and vibrant Burma, where the human rights of all people are protected. They support community based health-care and education projects, including Backpack Health Worker Teams and the Minmahaw Education Foundation.

Backpack Health Worker Teams aim to equip people with the skill and knowledge necessary to manage and address their own health problems while working towards sustainable development through the promotion of primary health care. Through this they provide the immediate response to treat disease or trauma, encourage positive community attitudes toward family planning, increase maternal and child healthcare, and support long-term health through community education on practices that promote their well being such as malaria prevention, diarrhea prevention, landmine risk education, proper hygiene, and sanitation.

Minmahaw Education Foundation is a channel for disadvantaged youth to gain access to further education, through preparing students to take accredited exams and helping them receive scholarships. They encourage the new generation to have a personal commitment to Burma, so students will return to Burma or the border after university, in order to guide and educate their people, and continue to work for change in their communities. By involving the local and international community in school activities and fundraising, they promote and strive towards self-sustainability.


For more information visit their website!


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