Meet the E-Board 2016!



My name is Rin Moriyasu, and I am the treasurer for GlobeMed for the 2016-2017 school year. I am a senior chemistry major from Tokyo, Japan. I hope to attend graduate school after I graduate from Whitman College. I am excited to hold the position of treasurer and hope to have an exciting senior year.


(Community Builder)

Hi, I’m Erina and I would like to be a professional body builder.

Obviously. But aside from this dream, I am a sophomore with a major yet to be declared; I am leaning towards Race and Ethnic Studies. I joined Globe Med because I am pre med and was interested in global health. I quickly learned how global health equity was an issue of social justice and not just limited to medicine. I have enjoyed learning about the variety of different ways people can contribute towards making a change for global equity outside of simply being a health practitioner.

Random things about me: Things I do for fun: crafting, piano playing, tennis, zumba, hair-braiding, climbing to high places. I really like heights. I’ve been really into jazz music and french pop songs recently. I really enjoy baking food for people, I spend too much time watching recipe videos on youtube.



Hi I’m Jessie and I like cats, babies, baby cats and dancing. I am a Biology major and Spanish minor, with a pre-health focus. Some day I want to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and work in community healthcare with people who have a harder time receiving the care that they need. I am passionate about immigration justice and refugee rights and that is why I am so happy to be co-president of GlobeMed and be a part of the wonderful work of the Burma Humanitarian Mission!


(Co-Coordinator of GhU)

Hi I’m Katy. I’m a junior sociology major with a passion for kale, rivers, and social change. As well as being involved with GlobeMed, I’m an RA (resident assistant) in the Community Service House and a campus activist. I’m also interested in Buddhism, thrifting, and communal living. Some have described me as “outgoing,” “woke,” and “a blueberry.”


(Co-Coordinator of Campaigns)

Hi all, I’m Haley! I’m a senior anthropology major from Vancouver, Washington who likes to dabble in the sciences so much that I have also accrued minors in biology and chemistry. I’m excited to take on the challenge of supporting our partner as a co-coordinator of campaigns following a stint abroad in Chile during which I studied public health, traditional medicine, and the difference between Andean llamas and alpacas. When not raising money for GlobeMed, I can be found writing my thesis on childhood trauma, figuring out life after Whitman, playing soccer, or eating any chocolate dessert I can get my hands on.


(Co-Coordinator of Communications)

Hey ya’ll! I’m Taylor and I have the pleasure of being Co-Executive of Communications alongside Paal. I’m a senior politics major with interests in global crises, cultural promotion and policy issues. I spend a lot of my time burning food trying to recreate recipes I see online and resigning myself to eating waffles. I aspire to someday own lots of chickens, or operate a waffle stand in Hong Kong, hopefully both!


(Co-Coordinator of Campaigns)

Hey there! My name’s Emily, and I’m one of the Campaign coordinators at Whitman College from Saipan. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know where Saipan is. Although, you should look it up, because it’s too difficult to explain even verbally, and it’s not guaranteed you’ll know where it is from my description. Unless you’re also from Saipan, in which case you understand our situation. I’m in my fourth year at college majoring in (breath) Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology and minoring in Japanese. In my spare time, I like doing anything theatre (except costumes, eew), reading, writing, or binge watching Netflix. I look forward to earning lots of money for our partner this year!



Hi there! My name is Kari, and I am one of the co-presidents along with Jessie. I am a sophomore Psychology major, with an intended Spanish minor. Last summer, I was one of the GROW interns working in Mae Sot, Thailand. In Walla Walla, you can often find me at the gym struggling in a squat rack, or answering emails at Patisserie while drinking an espresso. In addition to GlobeMed, I’m also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. One of my biggest goals in life is to become the kind of person my dog thinks I am.


(Co-Coordinator of Communications)

Hi, I’m Paal. I’m a senior Biology major with a Chemistry and Psychology minor. After Whitman, I plan to apply to medical school and conduct research in Seattle during my gap year. Outside of school, you can find me playing soccer, making music, skiing, or being an active twin. I’m passionate about social justice and healthcare, which is why I am so excited to participate on GlobeMed’s executive board.


(Co-Coordinator of GhU)

Hi! I’m Erin and I’m one of Whitman’s GhU Coordinators. I’m a sophomore pre-health student, and am interested in psychology and chemistry. I’m originally from California, but currently live in the Community Service House. I love the outdoors, hugs, food, and people.


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