Hi! I’m Brynn Walund a Senior BBMB major. Aside from Globe Med, I am heavily involved in All Students for Consent and ESL Fellows. I’ve always been interested in global health, but really got my roots in when I studied abroad in Austria as my first time outside of the US. As the GROW coordinator, it’s my job to plan and carry out the planning for next summer’s student-lead trip to Thailand. I’m excited for the year, and the opportunity to finish Whitman with a bang!


My name is Dylan Bratz and I’m a senior BBMB major with an Anthropology minor. I am from Brier, Washington, which is about 20 minutes north of Seattle. I will be the Finance Chair for GlobeMed this year. I enjoy playing or watching sports, reading fantasy novels, playing board games with my two brothers and going to the movies. My mom was born and raised in Hawaii, so we often visit family there. As part of our last visit during the 2013 holidays, we went parasailing, as depicted in the photo of my younger brother Conrad and I (left with fist raised).

silly photo

My name is Jessie Friedman. I am one of the ghU coordinators on GlobeMed’s Executive Board, along with Emily. I am a sophomore pre-health student, with a [technically undeclared] major in biology and a minor in Spanish. I’m from Bellingham, Washington, but at Whitman I live in the Global Awareness Interest House. I go to Zumba at least once a week and you should, too.


Hi! My name is Paige Organick, and I’m a Junior Sociology major hailing from Spokane, WA. I’m currently the co-Director of Campaigns with Kerr. Essentially, we do the fundraising/organizing ways to help support our partner program, the Burma Humanitarian Mission in Thailand. Speaking of Thailand, I will only be the co-Director of Campaigns until December; in the Spring Semester of 2016, I will be studying abroad in Khon Kaen, which is in Northeast Thailand! Besides being super excited for this semester, I love to sail, swim, read and eat ice cream. When asked the question “what in the world will you do with a sociology major?” I can proudly say “I have no idea!”. I’m looking at either education (teaching history? english? science?) or public health.


Hey! I’m Kerr (pronounced care) a sophomore, and possibly, a religion and art double major. I’m one of the campaign coordinators, along with Paige, responsible for planning the fundraiser events and help globemed raise money for our partner organization in Thailand. In addition to globemed, I’m also a part of the Pioneer.


Hey I’m Paal Nilssen,  a junior biology major from Seattle, Washington. Last year was co-director of communications at GlobeMed and am currently co-president for the 2015-2016 school year. Last summer I, along with 3 other GlobeMed interns, traveled to Thailand for 7 weeks to work with grassroots organizations along side the Burma Humanitarian Mission. Outside of GlobeMed, I’m a varsity soccer player, an active twin, and musician. After Whitman, I intend to take a couple years off to intern abroad before I apply to medical school for orthopedic surgery.


Hi! My name’s Haley, and I’m a junior anthropology major at Whitman from Vancouver, WA. I’m returning from this year’s GROW internship working with our partner in Mae Sot, Thailand this summer and am excited to lead GlobeMed as a co-president. I often thinks about all things related to public health, social justice, community development, and medicine and am still figuring out how my future will relate to these topics. When not thinking about GlobeMed, I can often be found playing soccer or consuming an inordinate amount of chocolate.


Hi everyone! My name’s Emily, and I’m one of the ghU coordinators for GlobeMed. I’m from Saipan – a tropical island near Guam – where it’s about 70 year round (even at night). Oh how I miss the heat. I’m a junior BBMB major with a Japanese minor and potential math minor. My hobbies include theater (mostly stage managing) as well as Netflix binge watching and reading. I’m excited to talk about global health with you all this year. I hope we have a great year!


Hey guys! I’m Rin, I originally hail from San RafaelCA and I’ll be in charge of community building this year. This means I  plan events, games, icebreakers and more to make sure we all get to know each other throughout the year. Apart from my time spent in GlobeMed, I’m active in my fraternity and enjoy drawing benzene rings and chair structures.


Hey everyone! I’m Saba, a sophomore BBMB and hopefully spanish(?) major here at Whitman, and am hoping to continue on to veterinary school. This year I’ll be the director of communications for GlobeMed, which means I make sure everyone knows about all the events and work we do on campus. When I’m not at GlobeMed you can find me on the soccer field or eating ice-cream in bed while watching Netflix.


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