Summit 2015

At the end of March, four delegates from GlobeMed at Whitman were selected to attend the GlobeMed Summit, an annual conference for GlobeMed chapters held in Evanston, Illinois. I had been a delegate in 2013, and was really excited to spend another weekend learning about the right to health and what students like us can do for the cause. One thing that has always stood out to me from events that bring together members of different GlobeMed chapters is the connections and friendships instantly formed. GlobeMed members come from all sorts of backgrounds, but we share a dedication and passion for social change and health equity, and it’s so wonderful to get to know each other and catch up with people I’d met at past GlobeMed events.

Highlights from the conference include getting to know members from U-Tena, the partner organization of GlobeMed at Brown University, a really interesting panel on why race matters, and hearing Dr. Joia Mukherjee of Partners in Health give her keynote address. As a soon-to-be-graduating senior, I also appreciated the wide variety of networking events where we had the opportunity to talk directly to activists and professionals who are in the field. The seniors and alumni reception made me realize how big of a role GlobeMed has played in my life, and the lives of so many others, over the past four years. It made me very hopeful to get a glimpse of GlobeMed as a movement because I know that every one of the 300 delegates will become positive agents of change someday, and it’s humbling to be part of that mobilization.

After such a great, high-energy weekend of thinking about social change I wrote an article for the Whitman Pioneer on the health equity activist culture (or lack thereof) on our campus. “On the Whitman campus we are stuck in our sterile community, detached from the world, forgetting how much suffering happens in the world due to inadequate health care access. We also forget that we can do anything to help alleviate that suffering.” Attending the Summit conference reminded me that there are things I can do to help people, even from Walla Walla, Washington.

Here are some pictures from the Summit:


Our wonderful delegates! Ali, Anu, Brenda, and Saba.


Getting to know Peter from U-Tena


Cheesy’s with delegates Notre Dame!


Getting to know delegates from CU Boulder!


Delegates from Rhodes and Wash U St. Louis at the senior+alumni reception!


Our wonderful chapter adviser Anupa!


Delegates from U Michigan and Wayne State in Detroit right before hearing Dr. Mukherjee!


Dr. Joia Mukherjee!!!


Representing Washington state with the coprez at University of Washington!


The closing dinner. We’re smiling but actually we’re really sad that it’s over.

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