Individual Giving and Razoo

Now is the time of year when GlobeMed at Whitman starts an Individual Giving campaign. Members send out letters to family and friends detailing GlobeMed and our partner program, the Burma Humanitarian Mission. This is an incredibly important fundraiser for GlobeMed, raising roughly ⅔ of our goal ($6500) each year.

Due to the wonderful benefits of technology, it is now possible to donate to GlobeMed at Whitman to support the Burma Humanitarian Mission online. Here’s the link – donations are tax-deductible! There is also more information about BHM, if you’re curious.

If you’re not comfortable with donating on-line but still would like to help this wonderful cause, feel free to send a check (made out to Burma Humanitarian Mission) to

ASWC / GlobeMed

Whitman College

280 Boyer Ave.

Walla Walla, WA 99362

With Burma Humanitarian Mission on the “who to make the check out to” line, and Globe’s in the memo line. Thank you for your generous consideration to donate to such a wonderful cause.

Happy Holidays!

Paige and Paal


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