This semester’s been of to a great start this year!

We held a card sale over Parent’s Weekend featuring pictures taken by the GROW trip participants and donated pictures of Whitman campus and Burma and Thailand. Thanks to Inland Saxum Printing and the sheer amount of time spent by staff members tabling in Reid Campus Center, we made $710!!!

Contributing to our $900 raised so far is our monthly flower sale. At the end of each month, we spray painted glass bottles gold in September and black with cobwebs for Halloween.

photo 3

Morgan spray painting bottles!


October’s flowers in Halloween-themed vases.

The flowers and vases are purchased by Whitman faculty, staff and students and the purchaser indicates the person the flowers should be sent to. GlobeMed delivers the flowers along with a nice note written by the student, staff or faculty member.

As we look forward to the Ugly Sweater Sale and hosting Professor discussion panels, we would like to, in the spirit of the season, thank the generous local businesses who have donated or reduced prices. This has enabled GlobeMed at Whitman to continually raise awareness and funds for the Burma Humanitarian Mission, benefiting the refugee children attending school and those in Burma gain access to health care.


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