Meet the E-Board!


Rachael hails from the Portland area and is one of the co-presidents for the 2014-2015 school year. She has her possible career options narrowed down to: doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or professional dog petter. When she isn’t found lurking around Penrose Library, Rachael can be found swimming, reading, netflixing, eating blueberries, or finding free food around campus.

Anu is one of the co-presidents. She is a senior from San Francisco, majoring in biology and minoring in anthropology. She loves feminism and working to improve women’s health, and she volunteers as a doula in SF General Hospital’s delivery room. She also writes an opinion column for the student newspaper and has a Harry Potter themed radio show.
Rachel is a senior Asian Studies major hailing from Southern California. She joined GlobeMed at Whitman her first year and is now one of the Campaigns Coordinators. She initially joined GlobeMed because of her interest in international non-profits, especially in Asia. After graduating, Rachel plans to participate in City Year: Los Angeles and give back to the Southern California community that raised her. In her free time she loves to bake, watch Parks & Rec/30 Rock/Gilmore Girls and knit! Pictured above with Rachel is Zoe, her house’s adorable 12 year old cat.


My name is Ali Holmes and I am a junior art major at Whitman College from Bainbridge Island, WA. This year I am charge of community building in the GlobeMed community. I am eventually hoping to get a masters in global health or public health. I am hoping to make the GlobeMed community really strong this year by getting together in and outside of the club. I’m also looking forward to continuing to use my art to promote change and global health awareness for the Whitman community. Finally, a goal of mine is to get people really excited about that small change we can make in the ocean of global health problems.


Morgan is a senior psychology major from the Portland area.  She’s been involved with GlobeMed since she transferred here as a sophomore.  For this upcoming year Morgan is one of the campaign coordinators. Outside of GlobeMed she has lots of adventures as she has traveled all over the world doing various internships and volunteer work.  While in Walla Walla she spends most of her time at the Patisserie pretending to do homework.  She’s also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, which is a different kind of adventure in of itself.  After graduation Morgan plans to travel and eventually go on to medical school.


Arika is a senior sociology major at Whitman. She is excited to be returning to GlobeMed’s eboard as a GHU coordinator. Aside from finishing up her final year of classes, writing her thesis and trying to figure out her life post-Whitman, Arika works at Whitman’s student health center, races with the cycling team and loves to go hiking with her dog, Toblerone. She is passionate about public health, women’s health, and chocolate (particularly in the labrador retriever form).


Name: Haley Case

Major: Still figuring that out…
Hometown: Vancouver, WA (not Canada)
I am one of the ghU coordinators this year. I am so passionate about learning new things about global health and am even more excited to help to develop our GlobeMed community through learning!  As far as career goals go, I am pursuing the MD/MPH track and am particularly interested in pediatric infectious diseases. Before its cancellation, I was a member of the 2014 GROW team; however, instead of Thailand, I found myself interning in Portland, Oregon at the Multnomah County Health Department for this past summer. A fun fact about me is that my right index finger is shorter than my left!”


Hi, my name is Lauren Benedict, and I am hopefully going to be an environmental biology or an English or a straight up biology or even a chemistry major. I am from Colorful Colorado and I am lucky to be the Finance Chair for GlobeMed this year. I hope to help GlobeMed thrive from the backstage world of finances. My favorite movie is of course Back to the Future– I have watched this incredible cinatic accomplishment every August with my twin sister and older brother since I was 8 years old.


My name is Neha Naidoo and I am currently a Sophomore at Whitman. I am planning on majoring in Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology, and minoring in Race and Ethnic Studies. I really enjoy learning about global health and find that participating in GlobeMed is a great outlet to do so. I hope that after completing a graduate degree, I can contribute to improving health services on a global scale.


Hello! My name is Paige Organick and I am so excited to be co-directors of communications this year with Paal. I am a sophomore hailing from Spokane, WA. Aside from doing GlobeMed awesomeness, I am an SA in Anderson and am on the club tennis team. In my free time I attempt to figure out my major; it’s narrowed down to politics, economics, or some combination of the three. Or maybe not. The end goal is a career in Global Health. I also love geology, playing tennis and sailing, petting dogs and cats and baking.


Paal Nilssen is so excited to be the  co-director of communications with Paige this year! He is a sophomore with a major centered around biology/chemistry/BBMB. He is on the Whitman men’s varsity soccer team and rock climbs, karaokes, and bakes creme brûlée in his free time. He originally hails from Norway, but says he is from Seattle. This avoids the “wow! Norway! Land of gnomes… and trolls!” reaction that most Book of Mormon-loving Americans give.


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