GHU Debate

This week in GHU we are having a mock debate on a global health politics issue. We wanted to have the mock debate so that we could explore issues central to our club’s values from all angles. We want to be able to affirm and back up our beliefs on global health with creating well formed arguments, and we want to get a good sense of what arguments are present on all sides of the debates. It shows how political issues aren’t full of clear right and wrong. There are multiple sides to be considered and they all have pros and cons.

We picked the question: Should refugees receive health care from their host government?

This question is very relevant for our chapter because we work with Burmese refugees. Additionally the question “is health a human right?” has been a key topic in GHU for the past couple years.

I’m arguing the side, “they should not be given health care.” It’s difficult because that goes against what I believe, but my group has been brainstorming and researching opposition to the idea. A main problem is a lot of the time the country taking in refugees do not have good coverage for their own citizens, and the problem of healthcare inequality extends beyond refugees. 

To quote the fabulous poet Staceyann Chin, “All oppression is connected.” Lack of healthcare is a form of oppression, as is poor treatment of refugees, as is the greater institutional conditions that force people to flee their homes and become refugees. We can’t look at these problems as isolated because they’re all interconnected. 


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