Coin War 2014

The annual coin war is consistently one of our mot successful on-campus campaigns. This year, it did not disappoint. We raised $985! 

The coin war’s success has always laid in getting sections to be competitive with one another to boast their section pride. The more personal it gets between sections, the more invested individuals become and the more likely they are to donate. However, I like to view this competition as a demonstration of how invested students can get into good causes of any sort. One of the best part of the coin wars is counting/rolling/totaling the coins at the end. Our efforts are brought into a tangible form and it is very easy to see how all that money can have huge potential for a good cause.It’s also clear how little amounts like pennies and nickels can actually end up amassing into something very substantial if there enough. It’s a good demonstration of why it’s important to utilize all resources and waste nothing, because a little can go a long way. 



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