World Day of Social Justice 2014

This year, Whitman College’s annual Power and Privilege Symposium and the UN’s World Day of Social Justice fell on the same day- February 20th. The goal of the Power and Privilege Symposium is to engage the Whitman community with discussion of the intersectionality of systemic problems relating to race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, and ability. The goal of the World Day of Social Justice is raise awareness and support for global efforts toward equality, poverty eradication, and social well-being. For our WDSJ event we wanted to combine the momentum of the Power and Privilege Symposium with the awareness raising goals of the WDSJ. We posed the question “Privilege = ?” to the Whitman community. Around 50 students answered, and here is some of what they had to say:


Privilege = my health, my education, my home, my life, my charge to do more.


Privilege = living somewhere where comfortable living is the norm.Image

Privilege = the opportunity to help othersImage

Privilege = having a choice.Image

Privilege = not having to pay for my mistakes.Image

Privilege = weird and uncomfortable.Image


Privilege = not having to think about race, religion, gender, class, etc on a daily basis.

What does Privilege mean to you?

Check out the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page.

GlobeMed love,



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