In the Spirit of Giving

It’s that time of year again! 

Thanksgiving just passed, and we’re now in the midst of a snowy and wonderful holiday season. Here at GlobeMed at Whitman we’re currently working on our individual giving campaign. I’ve been involved with GlobeMed at Whitman for three years now, and I’ve gotten quite comfortable at asking people to donate to our organization. Being part of GlobeMed has been an incredible experience. I love being part of it, and I love getting to know and understand our partner community. I knew very little about the Burman migrant and refugee community in Thailand prior to joining GlobeMed and it’s been amazing to learn the stories of the people we’re helping and getting to know through it. Our partner, BHM, has been incredible in letting us work with them to design the projects we will be funding. Please consider making a donation. It is going to a good place and it will make a huge difference.


This year, the goal of GlobeMed at Whitman College is to raise $6,500 for Burma Humanitarian Mission to support both the Backpack Health Worker Team and the Minmahaw Education Foundation. In doing so, we intend to fund a mobile healthcare clinic in the Karen State of Burma. Isolated and without any healthcare system, Burmese refugees suffer from some of the highest mortality rates in the world: one in seven children living in Eastern Burma die before their first birthday. However, sixty percent of these 
deaths could be cured with basic medicine. These mobile healthcare clinics provide the foundation for disease and illness prevention and treatment. With Minmahaw School, we plan to implement and fund a health care vocational class taught by the Backpack Health Workers for about fifty migrant students. Some of these students will remain in their migrant communities in Thailand, while others will return immediately to Burma and put the knowledge to use. The basic health care material covered in this class will provide students with a valuable medical skillset to share with their communities. Our community health initiative will provide classroom and hands-on instruction to students twice a week for a full school term. This project promises to have long-term, generational benefits.
Please consider making a donation to GlobeMed at Whitman College to benefit BHM. 100% of the money we raise as a GlobeMed chapter goes directly to these programs and to a better future for Burmese refugees and migrant students. 
To make donation, please visit our Razoo online giving page at You may also mail a check made out to Burma Humanitarian Mission to the following address.
ASWC / GlobeMed
Whitman College
280 Boyer Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Much love,

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