Meet our eboard 2013-14


Rachel is a junior Asian Studies major. She is one of the co-presidents for fall semester and will be studying abroad in Shanghai, China in the spring! After graduation Rachel hopes to participate in “Whitman in China” for a year teaching English at a Chinese university before coming back to the States and joining Teach for America. She loves watching Parks and Recreation and being crafty in her free time.


Arika is a junior pre-med Sociology major at Whitman. She is returning to GlobeMed as external co president in the spring, after spending a semester in Arica, Chile. Aside from classes, Arika works at the Whitman Health Center, rides on the cycling team and loves to go hiking with her dog.


Kate is a senior at Whitman pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Kate is the internal co-president. She hopes to go on to medical school with a potential focus in geriatrics. She loves to ride horses and Irish dance in her free time.


My name is Alex  and I come from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. I am the co-ghU coordinator. I am a sophomore Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology major, and I hope to go on to medical school and eventually become an orthopedic surgeon. In my free time I like to volunteer as a mentor and tutor at local schools, play drums, and juggle random objects.


Joel is one of the co-ghU coordinators. He is a sophomore double majoring in music and sociology. He comes from California and is super involved students on the Whitman campus, doing a lot of singing and working with the college’s interfaith group. When he has spare time, he enjoys climbing trees, dressing up, and being sassy. (Sometimes all at once)! He enjoys being sassy even when he doesn’t have spare time.


Ali is one of the communications directors, specifically in charge of advertising. She is a sophomore from Bainbridge Island Washington, but she has also lived on another island… in Hawaii! Her major is undecided, but she gets very excited about her art classes and the pretty things that come out of them. She is probably going to minor in Japanese, as she loves studying the language and the culture. Ali enjoys spending time outside in nature, but is also very fond of her bed.


Morgan is in charge of finances for GlobeMed at Whitman. She is a junior psych major following the pre-med route, from the Portland area. She has lots of adventures as she has traveled all over the world doing various internships and volunteer work, and frequently participates in  backpacking and kayaking outdoor trips near Whitman. She’s also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, which is a different kind of adventure in of itself.


Sarah is the campaign coordinator. She is a sophomore from Redmond WA, studying biology and spanish. She loves to bake, especially with chocolate and pumpkin in the fall. She loves animals and has amassed quite a collection of animal-friends, including llamas, jellyfish, elephants, puppies, and monkeys. She makes these friends through traveling all over the world and secretly being a mermaid.


Brooke is the Director of Individual Giving, and she hails from the LA area in southern California. She is a sophomore biology major and her other involvements include leading a girl scout troop in Walla Walla and climbing. She loves the outdoors and can withstand all types of weather and remain in (relatively) good spirits.


Hi, I’m Rachael! I’m from the Portland-ish area, a junior, and a huge biology nerd. This year I’m serving as the Director of Community Building for fall semester. Although my life is not completely all planned out (yet), I hope to pursue a career where I can help people through advances in medical research. When I have the time/money, I love to travel, bake, take pictures, swim, and ride horses and elephants. (Not necessarily in that order).


Anu is the other co-director of communications. She is a junior from San Francisco, majoring in biology and minoring in anthropology. She loves feminism and working to improve women’s health, and she volunteers as a doula in SF General Hospital’s delivery room. Her other interests are reading, writing, baking (if it involves chocolate!), and excessive costumes. She  has a Harry Potter themed radio show.


Nicole is the co-campaign coordinator all the way from Sharon, Massachusetts. She is a sophomore, pre-med, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology major as well as a Student Academic Advisor in Jewett Hall. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, watering her plants, cooking, and making random crafts.


Sarah is a junior biology major from the Yay Area. She is a Co-Advertising Coordinator. She dreams of a career in both medicine and research to help people worldwide. Her main fascinations are brains, sharks, and ice cream. When not riding her bike more slowly than people walk she is bopping along to endless mixtapes.

We’re also looking to welcome another co-campaigns coordinator and a new GROW coordinator in the coming weeks so be excited for that. In other news, we had a delightful closing reception for our Stevens Gallery show and our first campaign, Fish for a Wish, where we’re selling betta fish is going incredibly successfully. We’ve sold 42 of them! Wooo!

Peace and love,



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