Stevens Gallery Show

As part of a reflective wrap-up for GROW and a way to begin our new year and our new partnership with BHM, we set up a informative display in one of our school’s galleries. The Stevens Gallery (located on the ground floor of Reid for those interested in visiting) is a space for art shows, and we were very excited for the opportunity to display beautiful pictures from GROW and handicrafts purchased from Thailand, interspersed with facts about the Burmese refugee community, and our new partner organization. 

Setting up a gallery show was not something any of us had prior experience in, and it was harder and more time consuming than any of us anticipated. We had to get the right aesthetic, balancing colors, shapes and texts so that each piece came together to create the whole. Once all the displays were up, we adjusted them until everything was as sharp and professional looking as possible. We’re very proud of the results! If you can check it out in person, please do. If not, we hope you can at least enjoy the pictures and facts below.









The info on our wall of facts: 1. The World Health Organization rates the health care system in Burma the second worst in the world. 2. 2,000,000 + people have fled their homes in Burma and are living as refugees. 3. 3,600 villages in eastern Burma have been destroyed by the military junta. 4. A mother in eastern Burma is 54 times more likely to die during her pregnancy than a woman in the US. 5. 41% of children in Burma are severely malnourished. 6. A baby in eastern burma is 12 times more likely to die before reaching a year old than a baby in the US. 7 There are over 135 different ethnic groups living in Burma. 8. 89% of Burmese people practice Buddhism. 9. In 1989 the military junta changed the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar. Most Burmese continue to refer to their country as Burma since they were not allowed to vote on the name change. 10. The life expectancy in Burma is 65.6 years. 11. 22.6% of children in Burma are underweight. 12. The infant mortality rate is 46.31 per 1,000 children. 13. In 2011, Burma Humanitarian Mission (our partner) funded trainings for 40 new Backpack Medics. 14. In 2011, Backpack Medics (an organization BHM largely funds) served over 50,000 villagers in Burma. 15. It costs approximately 2,600 per year to fund a mobile medic team of backpack health workers in eastern Burma. 16. The people of Burma have suffered under one of the most violent military juntas in the world since 1962.

Now you see why this is important?

Much love,




One thought on “Stevens Gallery Show

  1. awieneke says:

    Fantastic post, the gallery looks amazing! I am so proud and only wish that I could see it in person. I hope you all take a rest now that the gallery is up and the first meeting is over. Good work to you and all of GlobeMed!

    GlobeMed love,

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