World AIDS day

Today is World AIDS Day.

It’s important to show mass support for people who have AIDS/HIV and for the loved ones of people who have, tragically, died from it.

Some quick facts:

–       34 million people in the World have HIV

–       3.4 million children have HIV

–       Between 1931 and 2007, more than 25 million people have died of HIV.

–       An American is diagnosed with AIDS every 10 minutes

–       25 % of people with HIV have not been diagnosed

–       90% of people with HIV are infected through sexual contact

–       7,000 people are infected with HIV every day

How much do you know? Take this quiz to find out!

On our campus, we had an awareness-raising event in our campus center. We shared facts and information about HIV/AIDS. Like last year, we provided complementary condoms if students answered the question “What is healthy sex?” and allowed students to answer it.  As I have yet to receive any pictures from this year’s event, for now here is a picture from last year’s event.


During our most recent meeting we discussed the importance of awareness in the battle against AIDS. “Being made aware” is important. It helps prevent the spread of the virus through unprotected sex. Condom distribution is important for people who do not have access to condoms, or people who have not had reproductive education in general. If a person has been taught only about abstinence, but they are having sex anyways, they wouldn’t know how necessary condoms are for birth control and STD/STI prevention. Awareness also helps to decrease the social stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. As it is primarily sexually transmitted, people who contract the virus (from any way) may feel alienated by their communities and societies. Awareness shows support and understanding. Finally, awareness of AIDS might lead to scientists being particularly motivated to research and find a cure.


Also, related to our GHU discussion and our specific BWU partnership check out this youtube video about AIDS in Burma.




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