Be Thankful and Give Back

Hello all,

We’re winding down towards Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving has never struck me personally as a particularly magical holiday, but having such nice family, friends, and food all together again is awfully nice. As is taking the time out of busy lives to give thanks to our loved ones, and to acknowledge just how lucky we are. It hardly goes without saying that very few people in the world have that luxury.


In the spirit of giving thanks and helping those who can’t, we’ve launched our individual giving campaign. Our year’s goal of raising $5,000 is ambitious for a small club at a small school, and we’re hoping (expecting) a lot will come from individual donors. 100% of the money raised this year as a GlobeMed chapter goes directly to BWU’s programs. In particular we’re supporting a comprehensive reproductive health program for Burmese women, and a nursery program for refugee children.


 For the individual giving campaign, members of the staff are reaching out to people in our lives, parents, friends, doctors, etc. to donate GlobeMed at Whitman. Here’s hoping for a more autonomous and positive future for Burmese women.


If you’re interested in helping, please consider making a donation to GlobeMed at Whitman. To make a tax-deductible donation please visit our Razoo online giving page at  You may also mail a check made out to GlobeMed at Whitman College to the following address.


ASWC / GlobeMed

Whitman College

280 Boyer Ave.

Walla Walla, WA 99362


Happy (early) thanksgiving,



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