Campaign season is upon us!

This past weekend was crazy and successful for GlobeMed chapter. It was Whitman College’s annual Family Weekend, and a perfect fundraising opportunity. Our first campaign was a card sale. Using photographs of Burma, kindly donated by Wolfgang Kaehler photography, we printed out sets of five gorgeous cards. The suggested donation was $3 per card, and the a bundle of all five cards was $12. It proved simple but effective and we raised a little over $500!


We also involved the majority of the general staff in the campaign. Nearly everyone signed up for a card-selling shift. In our meeting we gave a quick demonstration on how to present to a potential customer, the purpose and goals of GlobeMed at Whitman. Learning how to explain our organization is a good reinforcement to ensure all the staff members really know why GlobeMed is important. Talking to others about GlobeMed helps remind us all why we are a part of it.Image



200 cards were folded during a staff meeting. Seeing them made our excitement about the campaign tangible.

GlobeMed at Whitman also cosponsored the Speakeasy Concert. It’s an annual charity acapella concert put on for Family Weekend, featuring performances from three different acapella groups- Sirens of Swank, Schwa, and the Testostertones. The  event’s proceeds benefit the SOS clinic, which provides free health care to Walla Walla residents, who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Though it is unaffiliated with our partner organization, we helped with the event to get our name out (hundreds of people attended) and to give back to our immediate community.


Our own Colleen Bell and Tatiana Kaehler, were the masters of ceremony along with Zane MacPhee.

In other news, an article on our GROW trip done by our school’s newspaper, The Whitman Pioneer, made the front page!

Much love,



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