Executive Board Fall 2012


The new school year is starting to get into full swing, and it’s about time we introduce you to GlobeMed at Whitman’s new executive board for Fall 2012.


Kate Runkel

Kate is a junior at Whitman College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Kate is the internal co-president of GlobeMed. She hopes to go on to medical school with a potential focus in geriatrics. She loves to ride horses and Irish dance in her free time.


Arika Wieneke

Arika is a Sophomore pre-med Biology major at Whitman. She served as the Director of Communications last year and is happy to be returning to GlobeMed as the External President of Whitman’s GlobeMed chapter. Aside from classes, Arika works at the Whitman Health Center, rides on the Whitman Cycling Team and loves to go hiking with her dog.


Tatiana Kaehler

Tatiana is a sophomore pre-med student and an undeclared BBMB major. She is hoping to combine her interests in science and social justice through a career in global health. In addition to serving as GlobeMed’s Campaign Coordinator, Tatiana is an ASWC senator and a member of Delta Gamma. When she is not attending ASWC, GlobeMed, and Delta Gamma meetings, Tatiana likes to get out into the Walla Walla community by volunteering at a the S.O.S. Clinic, which provides free medical services to those who can’t afford it. To get a break from busy college life, Tatiana likes to kayak, take photos, and travel.


Tory Davidson

Hey all, I’m Tory, a sophomore from Southern California studying Biology and English. Besides GlobeMed, I am heavily involved in theatre at Whitman, serving as an executive officer for the Drama Club and participating in student and department productions. I also work in the admissions office as a tour guide and student host. In my spare time I love to be outside for any reason, help out my community, and play with puppies.


Colleen Bell

Colleen is a Junior Biology major from Minnesota. Last year, she served as Co-President, but this year, she will be taking on the job of Director of Community Building in the fall and then studying social change abroad in Jaipur, India, in the spring. On campus, she also runs Cross Country, works as a Resident Assistant in North Hall, and volunteers with The Buddy Project. She dreams of being a Pediatrician and in her spare time she babysits, has long conversations, eats fruit, and laughs a lot.


Rachael Barton

I’m Rachael, a sophomore biology major. I may look like any other Portlander but I’m actually a crime-fighting, puppy-loving, cookie-baking, no-nonsense-toleratin’ superhero. Oh, and I like to swim. And ride horses.


Katie Zajicek

Hey! I’m Katie Zajicek. I’m a junior Biochemistry Biophysics Molecular Biology major. I’m on the Whitman Women’s Golf Team and I love to downhill ski in my spare time. I’m also a mentor for elementary children and a volunteer for hospice. In GlobeMed, I’m the Individual Giving Coordinator. After college, my dream is to go to Africa for a year before attending medical school. One of my passions is traveling and last summer I studied abroad and traveled in Asia for two months. When I was in Cambodia I realized the one thing I know for certain – in the future, I am going to help people.


Rachel Palfini

Rachel is a sophomore currently intending to major in Classics with a possible minor in Chinese. She is the GROW Intern and will be leading the trip to Thailand this upcoming summer. After graduation, Rachel hopes to live in China for a number of years ultimately doing some kind of international non-profit work. She loves to go rock climbing, play guitar, and do crafty art projects in her free time.


Anuradha Lingappa

Anu is the director of communications. She is a biology major from San Francisco. GlobeMed is an excellent place for her because, although her long-term goals are not entirely decided on, she would love to do something that involves helping people and seeing the world. She also loves reading, writing, baking (if it involves chocolate), and excessive costumes.
We’re all super excited to make this a great year for GlobeMed at Whitman!

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