Community Building

As director of community building, I work to foster a strong community within our chapter of GlobeMed.  During the fall, our only members were the executive board members.  The small group dynamic and our diligent effort to get our chapter off the ground made it easy to get to know one another quickly.  In the spring, our team grew to include staff members as well.  Our weekly meetings typically began with icebreakers to help us get to know each other better and to integrate the staff into our chapter.  In the early spring we held a GlobeMed retreat at College Cabin.  We spent the rainy night in the woods attempting to keep a fire going as we assembled coin containers for the Coin War campaign and made a spaghetti dinner.  We finished up our last campaign, the Hike for Burma, by getting food and heading out to the wheat fields for a picnic.  We discussed what we have accomplished this semester and what we hope to accomplish next year.  There is much excitement about position transitioning within the executive board and bringing on new staff members in the fall.


– Kristie Smith, Director of Community Building

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