Looking Ahead: Spring Campaigns

The start of the second semester and the start of March have brought about a lot of exciting change for Campaigns in GlobeMed at Whitman. With the full incorporation of general staff members, we are in the process of planning and finalizing three upcoming events that will all take place after Spring Break. We are really excited about their initiative, enthusiasm and involvement as everyone works to make these campaigns as successful as possible! Our three campaigns for the semester will be a Coin War set up in all of the residence halls across campus, a Frisbee Tournament encouraging players of all levels to help raise money for the Burmese Women’s Union, and finally a “Hike For Burma” in the Blue Mountains that surround Walla Walla.

In other campaign news, we are thrilled to welcome two new Co-Campaign Coordinators to the Executive Board! Tatiana Kaehler, a freshman from Bellevue, Washington will be primarily organizing the Frisbee Tournament to come later this semester and Rachel Palfini, a freshman from Irvine, California will be primarily organizing the Coin Drive. Their creativity and commitment to GlobeMed and the Burmese Women’s Union is sure to add to the success and excitement surrounding our upcoming campaigns. Please be sure to keep an eye out for our campaigns both before and after, as we would love your continued support!

On one last final note, in a few weeks Tatiana and myself alongside Laura Euller (Finances), Kaitlan Benner (ghU) and Colleen Bell (President) will be heading to Evanston, Illinois for the GlobeMed Summit. We are all very excited to meet fellow GlobeMedders from around the country and to hear about all of the exciting things their respective chapters are doing, as well as hopefully pick up a few pieces of advice from fellow Global Health enthusiasts.

Again, thank you for your continued support!

-Meghan Browne
Co-Campaign Coordinator

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