Hello from the ghU Coordinators!

As Global Health U Coordinators, we provide members with resources and information about global health issues and help facilitate meaningful discussion and activities. Every year the GlobeMed National Office decides on a theme for the curriculum to focus on and this year we are exploring the relationship between poverty and health. Last semester we completed an Introduction Track which covers a general introduction to GlobeMed, a brief overview of global health terms and concepts, a closer look at our partner organization–BWU, and a discussion of key terms and philosophical frameworks present in GlobeMed. The curriculum is divided into sections, called “tracks”, in which a certain aspect of the overall curricular theme is developed in depth. In the past two weeks we have completed Track 1, which aims to scrutinize our definitions of poverty and look at the reciprocal nature of conditions of poverty and poor health, conceptualized as the “poverty and poor health cycle”. Up next is Track 2 in which we will explore where poverty came from and how to go about combating it. Throughout the rest of the semester we look forward to continuing our own growth and learning in the topic of global health as well as facilitation learning for the rest of the GlobeMed chapter at Whitman!
Below are pictures of creative ‘poverty-health cycles’ that members made at the last meeting after having read specific narratives from people experiencing this cycle first hand in developing communities throughout the world.

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