Coming Soon… GlobeMed@Whitman 2.0

We are super excited to be having our first all-staff meeting tomorrow. As discussed in the previous post, the executive board has been working to get GlobeMed@Whitman set up on a basic level, but we’re all very ready to have more people come aboard and help out. At our first meeting we will begin the preliminary process of breaking the new members into different groups: gHU group discussion facilitators, campaign committee members, and communications squad. Currently Katie and Kaitlan (our gHU coordinators) are planning on educating the club members mainly through small group discussions. The hope is that this will provide more opportunities for each member to talk and share opinions. The members working on campaigns will further divide into three parts, one group for each of the three campaigns for this semester. Though these campaigns are few in number, the hope is that they will be solidly planned and advertised in order to guarantee high attendance and in that way spread GlobeMed’s name throughout Whitman’s campus and the greater community of Walla Walla. Of these three campaigns, there will be one main event and two smaller ones on either end. The first of these will be a partnership with another club on campus: Challah for Hunger. We will join up with them for one week in the bread making, braiding and selling process, as well as advertising for the sale of the bread. The two clubs will then split the proceeds and while our funds will go to our BWU project, theirs will go to their two non-profits. Then we will host our biggest event of the year (and the event we hope to most see become an annual thing): Hike for Burma. This will be a hike sponsored by Whitman’s OP (outdoor program) and will involve transporting Whitman students to a nearby trailhead for the day, with the added incentive of lunch and a cool shirt. Finally, we hope to end the year with an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament for all Whitman students to form teams and participate in. We believe these three events will provide us with enough diversity to interest the student body as well as each provide valuable experience for us as a club when it comes to planning each of these campaigns. So, this is the plan as it stands. No doubt, we will find ourselves even busier than planned, but the addition of new members will surely be our “saving grace.” GlobeMed@Whitman 2.0 (ie. with full staff) is coming tomorrow!

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