New Semester – New Staff!

A new semester here at Whitman has started and with that GlobeMed@Whitman is looking forward to finally bringing on a full staff. For the past semester the executive board have been laying down the foundation for the club, but we are all ready to have more hands on board to help out. This process will begin with two information sessions for interested students to learn more about GlobeMed. Our goal is to form a strong team committed to brainstorming, planning and hosting as many awareness, educational, and fundraising campaigns as we can squeeze into our schedule. As of now though, we have actually surpassed our goal of $1,500 – with a current total over $2,000. However, the work doesn’t end here. We plan to keep working and raising money – after all, the more we can raise the more we can help BWU. With the additional funds, we can look into expanding the project we already have planned or even create an additional one. All of this is happening at a very exciting time for all of GlobeMed. This fall GlobeMed passed the half-million dollar mark, reaching a total of $581,150, since starting in 2008 (see:


So, congratulations GlobeMed and welcome all newcomers to GlobeMed@Whitman!

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