Aftermath of Flooding in Thailand

The October flooding of Thailand is now starting to impact aid to Burmese refugees.  The Taipei Overseas Peace Service (TOPS), a non-profit group, has seen a significant decrease in donations since the flooding.  This group “assists children in Mae La, Umpeim Mai and Nu Po, three of the refugee camps in Thailand where some of Mayanmar’s 150,000 displaced people reside”.  TOPS works to educate children and provide them with lunch in the refugee camps.  Because of financial strains the TOPS director, Kevin Lee, estimates that about “4,200 Myanmarian children will be affected”.  In addition to the flooding, the earthquake and tsunami and Japan as well as the earthquake in Turkey “have drawn donations away from groups like TOPS”.  While donations are dwindling, the cost of food has also increased with the flooding.  “The prices of rice and commodities [are] rising in Thailand” as a result of the flooding and will make it “difficult to maintain food supplies” for the children in the TOPS program.  TOPS has been assisting refugees on the Thailand-Myanmar border since 1997.

This article brings to light how essential it is to assist these refugee programs currently.  Funds are limited and supplies are more expensive because of the recent flooding in Thailand.  If you would like to donate today to GlobeMed and help some of these Burmese refugees, visit

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