Meet our Fall Executive Board

Colleen is a Sophomore here at Whitman majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. She heard about GlobeMed and applied to found a chapter at Whitman, which is her main project this year. Her role is External Co-President. She is super excited for our partnership with BWU! Colleen’s goal is to become a Pediatrician and work in Global Health as a career. She also runs Cross Country for Whitman, babysits, and does community service. Colleen loves reading, napping, and eating fruit.

Katie is co-GlobalHealthU coordinator for Whitman’s GlobeMed chapter. She is a senior and studying psychology. After graduation she plans on attending nursing school and eventually work-ing abroad in the field of health care. Katie enjoys cooking, crafting, and anything outdoors.

Arika is a freshman at Whitman College and consequently she has not yet declared a major. However, she is planning on “going pre-med” and currently is thinking about a comparative religions major and Spanish minor. Eventually she hopes to attend medical school and then join the Doctors Without Borders organization. In her very limited amount of free time she enjoys alpine skiing, hiking, playing with her dog and baking. She is very excited to help get GlobeMed’s Whitman chapter up and running!

Kate is a sophomore at Whitman College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Kate is one of the co-communications directors of GlobeMed. She hopes to go on to medical school with a potential focus in geriatrics. She loves to ride horses and Irish dance in her free time.

Laura is a senior at Whitman College and will be serving as the chapter’s Director of Finances. She studies French Literature and Politics and leads canoeing trips in her home state of Minnesota in the summertime. Laura is especially excited to be working with the Burmese Women’s Union after having taken her first class on Asian Politics this fall.

Abbey is a senior biology major at Whitman College currently serving as one of the GlobalhealthU coordinators. Next year she hopes to go to nursing school, continue to study public health, and one day specialize in maternal health and pediatrics. She is involved in Whitman Christian Fellowship and helped found a club called Whitman Abolitionists which advocates against human labor and sex trafficking. She loves to collect and read books, and to play the piano.

My name is Kaitlan, one of GlobeMed at Whitman’s Co-Presidents! and I’m a sophomore at Whitman College. I’m currently taking classes in both the sciences, to fulfill requirements for medical school, and in anthropology, the field in which I plan to major. Both the studies of anthropology and of the hard sciences contribute to my overall aspirations – to practice medicine with a distinct focus on em-pathy and humanity. I’m so excited to be entering a partnership with an organization like BWU, which has such a distinct focus on protecting and ensuring human rights in such a multitude of ways! This past summer I volunteered in Villa El Salvador, a poorer community outside of Lima, for four months – the photo pictures me with Flavia, a 5 year-old girl enrolled in the government-operated educational program for which I worked.

Meghan is a sophomore at Whitman with a double major in Anthropology and French. She is one of the chapter’s Co-Campaign Coordinators and very excited to help head some of the fundraisers for GlobeMed this year. Some of her favorite activities include traveling, hiking, photography, volunteering, and working with children. Meghan is excited to be apart of GlobeMed in its beginning stages at Whitman College and work alongside the Bur-mese Women’s Union for female empowerment.

Kristie is a senior at Whitman College and is majoring in sociology. She is serving as the Di-rector of Community Building for the GlobeMed chapter. As a sociology major, Kristie is passionate about issues of social equality and hopes to one day organize sustainable rural development projects around the world. She enjoys cooking, biking, traveling, and the sunshine.

Natalie is a sophomore majoring in Studio Art on a Pre-Medicine track and is serving as one of the Campaign Coordinators this year. She is hoping to become a Nurse Midwife or OB/GYN and to work to improve female reproductive health, preventive medicine, and psychological care for women in impoverished communities. In her free time, Natalie enjoys letter-press printing, birdwatching, and salt water fishing.

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