Our new chapter

Our GlobeMed chapter is just getting started.  The executive board met for the first time this week.

We started brainstorming new fundraising ideas to bring to Whitman College.  We generated some great ideas, including sports tournaments, a barn dance, karaoke night, empty bowls, and a hike for Burma.  Our goal through these fundraisers is to raise $1,500 this school year.

The funds will go to help our partner program, the Burmese Women’s Union.  Specifically, these funds will provide BWU with birth control for 20-40 women, other reproductive health supplies, education on reproductive health, and surveys of the women going through the program to ensure effectiveness.  The Burmese Women’s Union works to empower women and reproductive health is essential to this goal.  Reproductive health allows women to have control over their bodies.  This empowerment enables women to extend their influence in other areas.  Additionally, reproductive health will reduce domestic violence cases and unwanted pregnancies in refugee camps.

The Burmese Women’s Union specifically works toward gender equality and political empowerment of women.  These goals cannot be reached without a feeling of agency over one’s body.  Through GlobeMed, we can work with BWU towards the empowerment of women.

We are very excited to get started in our new chapter and be a part of the Burmese Women’s Union.

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